Save our ocean – one ghost net at a time

Our mission is to raise awareness of how to safely locate and recover Ghostnets around the world. Divers Against Ghostnets is a nonprofit, non-political organization that focuses on how to effectively and safely locate and recover Ghostnets.

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Get them up, safely

In almost every dive we do, we find small and large ghostnets and other environmentally damaging things in the sea. This community page is dedicated to the experienced recreational diver who wants to make a difference while diving, without ruining the dive or getting into difficult situations underwater. Knowledge is key to safe diving and recovering ghostnets has many hidden dangers to the unaware divers. Remember that a ghostnet is not worth a human life… Gaining experience, standardizing dive routines, and developing training and teamwork is our goal.

Cooperations against ghostnets

We need information from fishermen about where they lost their fishing gear. This is the most important piece of information to be able to plan and execute a recovery dive. We use Havs & Vattenmyndigheten reporting tool GhostGuard to improve the coordination of the loss and recovery reports. If you lost fishing equipment, please report it with GhostGuard.




Help us clean up our oceans by donating to our cleanup fund, all money is spent on expenses for our cleanups and the training of more skilled Ghostnet divers.

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