Save our ocean –
one ghost net at a time

Our mission to raise awareness of how to safely locate and recover Ghost Nets around the world. Divers Against Ghost Nets is a non profit, non political organisation that focus on how to safely locate and recover Ghost Nets.
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Ghost net diving


Get them up, safely,

Almost every dive you do, you can find small and large ghost nets and other environmentally damaging things in the sea. This community page is dedicated to the recreational diver who wants to make a difference while diving, without ruining the dive experience or getting into difficult situations underwater.Knowledge is key to safe diving and recovering ghost nets has many hidden dangers to the unaware divers. In this community we will try to describe the risks and some different techniques for safely recover things from the bottom. Always remember to dive within your training levels, a ghost net is not worth a human life…

Cooperations against ghost nets

We need information from fishermen where they lost their fishing gear. This is the most important piece of information to be able to plan and execute a recovery dive. We are currently beta testing a new mobile app togheter with Havs & Vattenmyndigheten to improve the coordination of the loss and recovery reports.


Help us keep our oceans clean by donating, we are a non profit organisation wich means all funding will go directly to our diving expeditions and cleanups, information campaigns and training of more ghostnet divers.

Donations are possible through Swish

Swish 123 441 08 09

Contact us

Postal adress:
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Press and Media, dagn.hono@hotmail.com or PM on facebook

Join us as a diver!

We need more experienced divers, if you are certified and comfortable in cold dark waters with limited visibility, has logged minimum 100 dives in Scandinavian conditions, and own a basic technical dive gear. If you read this far and are ready to train hard to excel in buoyancy control and handling of technical divegear?
Join our next suitable Ghost Nets Diving course.